The complex of Paniran mines and stone factories, enjoying the intellectual, material, and spiritual capital of its stockholders and the day-night attempts of Paniran brothers and some of Iranian engineers and specialists and some of the comrades, was exploited on 1370 (1991) to produce the different kinds of the building ornamental stones. Using modern technical knowledge and passionate and specialized workmates, Paniran Company, at this time, is distinguished as the avant-grade and innovative in the industry of producing building stones in the country and can be introduced as a one of the biggest and most reputable private firms in the stone industry.

         The complex of Paniran mines and factories in Iran is established in a mild climate environment with the size of 70000 square meters. The produces of this firm include the various kinds of building stones such as Chini-e- Arbab, Cristal, the different types of colorful Granite, colorful marble, colorful Travertan, Gohareh, and etc…

       Believing these two slogans that quality is our direction, no our destination and customer is always right, the Firm management has set its quality and safety policy to satisfy the customers by desirable and affecting quality on the customer’s life.